All the data that we gather is used for bettering our site's substance, to tell the customers about our site updates or to look upon the issue with their demand. In the event that you would prefer not to get any sort of email from us later on if you don't mind informing us by keeping in touch with us either through email or letter.

Our refund policy has been formulated to characterize the circumstances under which Approzo will give a discount, the system for asserting a discount and the duty of Approzo in conditions bringing about such a case. By enrolling for any of our services you are announcing that you acknowledge and concur with every one of the terms and conditions sketched out in the discount approach.

What All Does Our Refund Policy Covers

The refund policy covers all the refunds under Approzo, the website managed by the same platform. This policy does not have any application for organizations which are not claimed or constrained by Approzo or for people not employed or overseen by Approzo. This incorporates any outsider service and additionally item suppliers bound by contract and furthermore, any outsider sites to which Approzo site connect.

Eligibility of Refund

We are professionals and we know how the project should be handled and how the deadline should be taken care of. We lay down or proposal and we make sure that the work is done according to the guidelines and terms and conditions of the same. Taking care of every minute detail there might be a possibility when a client is not satisfied with the work, they can opt for a refund which will be initiated under the following circumstances.

Full refund - If any of the department has not initiated the project and it is untouched and also the initial designs are not approved at all. The full refund will be made to the client and will take 180 days for the process.

Partial refund - If we fail to deliver the project after the approved designs, the refund will be generated for the completed work.

No refund - no refund will be made after the completion and upload of the project on the server.

The full refunds will be prepared and sent in 50 business days of the date of wiping out and will be achieved utilizing the strategy for an instalment settled upon in the start of the undertaking i.e.; refund through a cheque or refund with a credit card.